A Frog He Would A-Wooing Go

I have had fun with the children's traditional rhyme A Frog He Would A-Wooing Go. It started with an inquiry by e-mail about a frog postcard I had on my frog page with a picture by Randolph Caldecott from the book A Frog He Would A-Wooing Go. That led me to a search for more information about the rhyme, the illustrations, and music with this rhyme.

My understanding is that Caldecott illusrated the book as he did other books of popular children's rhymes. The title in Britain is usually A Frog He Would A-Wooing Go, whereas in the USA it is sometimes A Frog He Would A-Courting Go.

I remember having a little golden record of the song when I was a child, probably in the late 40's or early 50's. There is a different version of the song on Barney's Sleepytime Songs cassette.

I have located in my collection of frogs the following items related to this verse:

Postcard with copy of original picture by Caldecott. "A Frog he would a-wooing go, Whether his Mother would let him or no. -A Frog he would a-wooing go- From the Original Drawing by Randolph Caldecott" This postcard was not mailed.

Cloth Book This book titled The Frog Who Would A Wooing Go has a 1910 coyright by The Saalfield Publishing Company, New York - Akron, Ohio - Chicago. It has printed on the front "Saalfield's Muslin Books Ever Wear, Never Tear".

The Funny Froggy Bubble Book that held a record of the song

Reproduction of the book A Frog he would a-wooing go., an R. Caldecott Picture Book

Picture showing "Froggie went a courting" by what looks like Porgelow. I received this picture from my husband for Christmas 1996.

Barney's Sleepytime Songs Here is the text from this cassette of A Frog He Would A-Wooing Go

Here's another version of the song sent in by Shea: U-hum

For other versions of this song, and more information about it, see Frog Went a-Courtin' -or- A Frog He Would a-Wooin' Go.


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