Frog Objects

I have collected many frog objects over the years and have received some new ones recently. I have scanned a few of my favorites and have put them on this page. I hope you enjoy looking at them!

Frog Note Paper

Frog Plaques

Frog Puzzles

Frog Toys

Frog Key Rings

Frog Bookmarks

Other Frog Objects

Frog Wrapping Paper

Frog Good Luck Charms

Frog Hair Items

Frog Pins


Frog Note Paper

Here are some of the Frog Note Paper I have.

Frog Note Paper I This is a Kermit note pad that I have had for many years.

Frog Note Paper II This note pad was sent to me from Japan.

Frog Note Paper III This is the cover for a note pad from Japan which contains the following three pages

Frog Note Paper IV

Frog Note Paper V

Frog Note Paper VI

Frog Note Paper VII This is note paper with a message from Izumi written on it.

Frog Note Paper VIII This note pad set was given to me last year by my grandson. The red frog is an eraser and the yellow pencil has frogs on it. Here's a closeup of the frog on the paper. It says on the back "Frog Notepad Copyright 1997 by Scholastic Inc. Printed in the U.S.A. Illustration by Patrick Gnan".

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Frog Plaques

Here are a few of the Frog Plaques I have.

Frogs Have it Made I This plaque is a small wooden block about 3 inches across with the small frog on the top. On the back is "Arbor Hill House, Evansville, IN".

Frogs Have it Made II This wooden plaque is about a foot long. It has nothing on the back.

Thought for the Day This is kind of hard to read. It says "It's better to get laugh wrinkles than worry warts." I have two of these plaques - one white and one yellow. They are about 6 inches high. On the back is "1981 Hallmark Cards, Inc. Hallmark PLAQUE DE8054".

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Frog Puzzles

Here are a few of the Frog Puzzles I have. The pictures are of the boxes, not the puzzles themselves.

Handsome prince This puzzles says "Prince Charming A Mini Jugsaw Puzzle 7 in. x 7 in. Over 70 piecees Springbrook 1977 Hallmark Cards PZL7136" on the box.

Kiss Me Froggie "A Springbrook Mini Jigsaw Puzzle 7 in. x 7 in./Over 70 pieces Hallmark Cards 175PZL7097".

Homework Makes You Ugly "A Mini Jigsaw Puzzle 7 in. Diameter Over 60 Pieces Springbok Hallmark Cards, Inc. K.C. PZL7216"

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Frog Toys

Here are some of the Frog Toys I have received.

Flip Frog This is a game that is similar to Tiddly Winks. Here is a picture of the little plastic "pond" and four of the Frog Playing Pieces. And here are the Flip Frog Instructions so you can see how the game is played.

Frog Puzzle I This is Drueke's Frog Puzzle, which I have trouble completing. Although the picture is complete, the last three tiles are not in the correct order.

Frog Puzzle II Here is another frog puzzle that I have received more recently, within the past few years.

Cardboard Frog This jumping frog has printed on the front, "Open without removing rubber band. Copyright 1909 J.B. Carroll, Chicago." It is identical on the back, with the tape on the bottom that allows it to open either direction. On the inside it says, "To make this frog jump fold the colored side in. To make us jump send us your live stock shipments. Rappal Bros. & Company Live Stock Commission U.S. Yards, : : Chicago".

Frog Wind-up Toy This small wind-up frog moves sideways when it is wound up.

Clicking Frog I The next several frogs are the tin clicking frogs that make a clicking sound when you press down on them.

Clicking Frog II

Clicking Frog III

Clicking Frog IV

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Frog Good Luck Charms

My friend Izumi from Japan recently sent me some Lucky Charms. She said they are popular around New Years and can help you in several ways:

I hope you enjoy these lucky charms!

Lucky Charm I This little frog lucky charm has a small jingle bell on the ring where the frog is attached to the cord.

Lucky Charm II This frog lucky charm is only about 1/2 inch high. It is standing on the card, so you are looking at the top of its head. Here is another view of the little frog, looking at the front of it. The back of the card is also interesting, with more frog drawings. This charm also has the little jingle bell.

Lucky Charm III This little charm is made of wood. It also has the little jingle bell.

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Frog Hair Items

My friend Izumi from Japan recently sent me some frog items tha can be used for the hair.

I hope you enjoy them!



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Frog Bookmarks

I have several frog bookmarks. Two of them are made of wood. My friend Izumi from Japan recently sent me a green one. The other wooden bookmark I bought. The next five are of paper, then one of plastic. The final one is of cloth..

Bookmark from Japan

Wooden bookmark

Bookmark I

Bookmark II

Bookmark III

Bookmark IV

Bookmark V

Bookmark VI

Jeremy Fisher Bookmark This is an embroidered cloth bookmark that I bought when I was in England in 1988. It contains a quotation from Beatrix Potter's book The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher: "Once upon a time there was a frog called Mr. Jeremy Fisher; he lived in a little damp house amongst the buttercups at the edge of the pond....... Beatrix Potter ". On the pack it says "THE WEAVERS OF COVENTRY This pack contains a woven bookmark complete with gift folder and envelope. This is an original Cash's woven bookmark. Fine detail and colouring are achieved by a combination of the traditional skills of artist, designer and weaver." "Copyright J. & J. Cash Limited Makers of fine woven pictures and silk gifts. Torrington Avenue, Coventry, England. Tel: (0203)466466 Telex: 31397 Made in England"

I hope you enjoy these bookmarks!

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Frog Key Rings

I have several frog key rings. My friend Izumi from Japan recently sent me two keyrings, and I have two others for this page now. I still have a few others and will put them on when I get them scanned.


Key Ring I

Key Ring II

Key Ring III This key ring has a frog on the front of the wrapping. However, the key ring itself is a tiny calculator.

Key Ring IV This little key ring appears to be a frog good luck charm. It is itself a bell, with a sound like a small cow bell.

Key Ring V

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Frog Pins

I have a few frog pins that I have collected over the years. Here are a few of them. I will add more as I get them scanned.

Pin I

Pin II


Pin IV

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Other Frog Objects

 I have some frog objects that my friend Izumi sent me from Japan. They include include the following:

Frog Hot Pad This appears to be a hot pad.

Bear Frog This bear is wearing a frog coat that makes it look like a frog.

Coin PurseThe frog is supposed to bring good luck to the owner. This little coin purse has a frog on the snap on the front. This will help you to keep your money or to have it soon return to your purse if you spend it.

Frog Bag I This little bag and the next are used to put small candies or other objects in so they can be given to friends.

Frog Bag II

Frog Pen The frog on this pen opens and closes its mouth when you move the lever to make a "Ribit" sound.

In addition to the frog things sent to me by Izumi, I have other frog objects.

Frog Match Holder One of those objects that I have had for some time is an old frog match holder that is made out of leather.

Frog Clip This is a fastener that I use to hold open bags, such as potato chips, closed.

Frog Word Search I found this word search in the newspaper many years ago.


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