Musical Frog Postcards

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These postcards all feature musical frogs - either frogs singing or playing instruments.

The first four postcards are from Germany. Some of them were mailed within Germany, and some were mailed to the USA.

Translations were provided by Rose Peters, for which I thank her. If anyone can provide me with additional translation of any of these, I would appreciate it. My apologies for not including the correct markings.

"Goldne Abendsonne, wie bist du so schon---" Sent June 8, 1905. Translation: "Golden Evening sun (sunset), how beautiful you are."

"Ich weiss ein Herz, für das ich bete und" Sent July 17, 1900. Translation: "I know a man, for that I pray . . . ." or "I know a heart, for which I pray . . . ." (Thanks, Claudia)

"Gruss aus Wiesbaden." Sent July 21, 1907. Translation: "Greetings from Wiesbaden."

"Gruss aus Konstanz. Konftanz liegt am Bodenfee, Wer's nicht glaubt, geh selbft und seh!" Sent September 6, 1907. Translation: Greetings from Constance. Constance lies on the Bodensee (Lake Constance). Whoever doesn't believe this, go there yourself and see."

This card was sent from New Hampshire August 26, 1905.


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