Frog Postcards for Holidays I

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Frog Postcard for Christmas

""A Merry Christmas" sent from Wisconsin December 17, 1907.

Frog Postcards for New Year

" "A Happy New Year" sent from Illinois December 31, 1908.

" "Happy New Year to you" sent from Colorado December 31, 1908.

This is a 1996 New Year's postcard which is an original created by my friend Izumi from Japan. The frog is in a snow house under a pine tree.

Frog Postcards for Valentine's Day

" "Some folks would say that Froggie was in search of Trouble" sent from New Hampshire February 12, 1907.

" "Fair exchange is no robbery (when Cupid plays a part) I'll give you a place in my automobile If you'll give me a place in your heart!" sent from Illinois February 14, 1907.

Frog Postcards for St. Patrick's Day

" "The Wearing of the Green" sent from New York March 13, 1908.

" "Sure, this is the day when the frogs is that nervous, for fear good St. Patrick will come back to serve us!" sent from California March 14, 1910.


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