Miscellaneous Frog Postcards V

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These postcards don't fit into any specific category. They are just a variety of postcards with frogs on them. I hope you enjoy them.

This postcard "Endangered Species: Pine Barrens Tree Frog" by Andy Warhol, 1983. "Believed to be endangered and close to extinction in N.J. and threatened elsewhere in the U.S., the Pine Barrens Tree Frog is reduced in numbers due to habitat destruction." This postcard was not mailed.

"The frog . . . Friend of Man, foe of flies. Photo by Don Krueger" 1981 This postcard was not mailed.

"The Bullfrog The bullfrog, Rana catesbelana, is about as well known as the small boy in rural parts of this country and they are often found in the same ditch, creek or pond. The former has webbed toes, the better to swim with. Help Conserve our Boys and Bullfrogs World Famous San Antonio Zoo" This postcard was not mailed.

"The ridge-backed frog or African bullfrog is one of the Dark Continent's largest amphibians. Holden Museum of Living Reptiles. Detroit Zoological Park" This postcard was not mailed.

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