Still More Frogs From Friends

Here are more frogs that were sent to me by friends. You may click on the thumbnail to see a larger version of the pictures.

This is a picture that was sent to be by Erica in California. Thanks, Erica!

This is a picture that was sent to me by Cari Beth. Thanks Cari Beth!

This phonecard was sent by my friend Jyri from Finland. Thanks Jyri!

Here's another phonecard sent by Jyri from Finland. Thanks again, Jyri!!

This card was sent by my friend and former colleague Jerry in California. It is a PopShots card for the World Wildlife Fund and says on the back: "FROGS of the rain forest rely mainly on camouflage or venom excretion to deter predators. Their rain forest habitat is highly endangered." The card opens to a 90 degree angle (it was scanned fully opened) and is 3-D. There are 12 (at least) frogs on it. Can you find them all? Thanks Jerry!


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