Still More Frog Postcards From Friends

Here are more frog postcards that were sent to me by some frog friends. You may click on the thumbnail to see a larger version of the pictures.

Here's a postcard sent to me from Yingtao Song in China. On the back is hand written "Rhacophorus arboreus" and something in Chinese which I cannot read :-) Thanks Yingtao Song!

This card was sent to me by Linda in Florida. All it says on the back is the number 55-41198-B. Thanks Linda!

This card was sent by my friend Jyri from Finland on October 12, 1997. He wrote on it, "This card is published three days ago 9 Oct 1997 in Helsinki. Original is from year 1942. My daughter bought it for you." The card has printed on it: " Illustrated by Rudolf Koivu in Raul Roine's fairy tale Metsalsmmella (On a forest pond), 1942." Thanks Jyri, and thanks to your daughter!

This card was also sent by Jyri in Finland. It states: "The stamp "Green-spotted toad", issued on 6 September, 1979." This is especially interesting for me, because I have the actual stamp that my husband found for me. It is on my frog stamp page, found under Postal Frogs. Thanks again, Jyri!

Here's another postcard sent to me by Jyri in Finland. The card was printed in italy and is called "FROGS IN LOVE". "Edibas s.r.l. - Torino Design: S. Irilli" Thanks, Jyri!


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