Frog Postcards Made by Friends

Here are some frog postcards sent to me that were made by the following individuals:

This is called "Jääsammakko" "Icefrog" and says "Copyright and foto Paavo Korhonen 1981 Tampere Suomi-Finland"

This postcard was made by Robbert Greenwood You can see his home page at www.hopla.con/rob

Claire Decker created this postcard, which says on the back "Fictitious Frog Neo-chromatic frog is not just your usual frog! Copyright Claire Decker, 1996 All Rights Reserved Artwork by Louisiana Artist/Author, Claire Decker Founder of Neo-Chromatic Art" Claire explained to me, "Neo-chromatic translates from Latin to English as new color. This is a school of art which I founded. It is contempoary but at the same time, very detailed. This particular postcard was designed especially for the Frog Festival in Rayne, Louisiana. The frog is done in realistic detail. However, vibrant colors along with unusual designs are used in an unique way."


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