Frogs From Friends V

I have received some frog poems recently from friends who responded to my frog page. I love receiving new frogs, and I want to share them with other frog fans! Here are two of them!

The Frogs of St.Lawerance County

Froggy Froggy Night,
Sway your Honda to and fro
You don't know just which way they'll go
As they cross the road to be on the other side

Froggy Froggy Night,
Amphibians hyped on hormones
Leave their safe and happy home
To cross the busy Rt.310

Froggy Froggy Night,
From the swamp they heed the call
Hopping up to rise and fall
Oblivious to the speeding cars

Froggy Froggy Night,
Line em up between the wheels
You know just how they'll feel
Getting squished by the tire on the road

Froggy Froggy Night,
Flattened frogs lie on the tar
They just couldn't see the cars
And become breakfast for the crows

by Matt Cauthorn

Spring is finally here in New England, and the frogs are coming
out of the mud from the winter, to lay around and eat their favorite
food---Insects (Yuchh!).
I wrote you a quick poem in celebration of the Frog Season here in

I finally spotted a frog on a log,
It looked pretty neat at my feet,
They come out after the cold, I'm told,
To have fun, and bask in the sun........

Have fun Ryan (Grandmas and Grandpas are great aren't they?)

Wally & Diane at the Lil' Apple Video Studio

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