Frog Postcards From Finland I

I took a trip to Finland in August 1997 and found many wonderful Carte Blanche Greetings frog postcards drawn by Miranda. Here they are! You may click on the thumbnail to see a larger version. A special thanks to Charlotte for providing translations!

See a picture created especially for me by the creator of the Carte Blanche Greetings postcards, along with information about how to contact the company and web page of the artist. Frogs From Friends XVIII


(Frog) "Frenchmen talk about this and that, the weather, etc., but can't come to the point..."

(Mouse) "Italian men engage in sweet talk about your blue eyes, your red cheeks..."

(Pig) "We Finns come right to the point and wish you well!"



"Frogman's predictions: Warm wishes coming your way..."





"Lift your leg and raise your hand...and hop...then stand on your head and do push-ups...if you can do this with a smile, in the evening you will celebrate... The years do not yet weigh heavily on you, and fun is your constant companion!"




"I'd like to call you if I knew how you would feel."

"Good luck!"










"How old did you say you were? If it's

true?! Ha, ha, ha! Stop! Stop! My stomach's hurting! Ha, ha!"




The banner says: "Are you going to go away?" The animals say: "We're all going to miss you!"




"I'm crazy about you!"







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