Frog Trade Cards I

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I have about 20 old trade cards with frogs on them advertising a variety of products. The oldest is dated 1880. Here are the first five of these cards.

" 'Mack's Milk Chocolate.' The best! It is pure! Ready for Instant Use. Boiling Water Only Required."

"Ayer's Ague Cure is warranted to cure all malarial disorders."

On the back, this card says: "Ayer's Ague Cure is a purely vegetable bitter and powerful tonic, and is, with a positive knowledge of its effects, warranted a certain cure for all malarial disorders. These disorders owe their origin to a miasmatic poison, which enters the blood through the lungs, deranges the liver, and causes the various forms of agues and fevers, and blood-poisoning, known as Fever and Ague, Chills and Fever, Dumb Ague, Chill Fever, "Malaria," Internittent, Remittent, Bilious, and Typhoid Fevers.

"Ayer's Ague Cure neutralizes the malarial poison, and expels it from the system. It contains no quinine, nor any mineral ingredient; is positively safe and harmless; and never fails if used according to directions. It is an excellent remedy for Liver Complaints. Full directions with each bottle. Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass."

"Flirtation " This card is copyrighted 1881.

On the back, this card advertises The Diamond Dyes.

"Exquite" This card is copyrighted 1880. It is the oldest dated card I have logged to date.

"Frog versus Toad. Ist Round. Sparring for an opening." The picture is copyrighted 1887.

On the back this card advertises the Furniture Drawer Equalizer Co., 1428 Olive Street, St. Louis: "Do not let the dealer talk you out of having our NEW EQUALIZER on the drawers of the furniture you buy. It costs but little extra, and no article of luxury of similar cost can compare with it. Patented June 4th, 1889"


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