20 Froggies

Here's a frog song sent to me by Jessica:

"When I was growing up my grandma would sing me a song, and I loved it and use it with my own daughter today.  I don't know  where it came from, just that her grandma would sing it to her as well.   you may have heard of it already, but thought you would enjoy."

20 froggies  

20 froggies went to school
down beside the rushing pool
20 coats all pressed and green
20 vests all white and clean.  

We must be in time said they;
first we study then we play
That is how we learn the rules
as we froggies go to school.  

Master bullfrog brave and stern
taught us each all in our turn;
taught us how to leap and dive
also how to nobly stride;  

Taught us how to dodge below
from the sticks which bad boys throw.  

20 froggies grew up fast
big frogs they became at last,
polished to a high degree
as each froggy ought to be.  

Now they sit on other logs
teaching other little frogs.



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