Waterfalls from Friends VII

I have some waterfall photos of waterfalls in Indiana that were sent to me from Mark McCoy (INphotogr4@aol.com www.Indianatraveler.com) You may click on the thumbnails to see a larger version of the waterfalls.

Bridgeton Falls

In the same general area as the waterfalls, you are very near Parke County and Putnam County, where there are many covered bridges. I believe Parke County has something like 42 of them. The coolest being the bridge at Bridgeton, Indiana. It is the most picturesque and most photographed and painted brdiges in the state as it has a waterfall directly beneath it. Not very high, but fairly wide. A definate "Must See." I think there is a photo of it on the indianatraveler web site, but in case there isn't...here it is.

Cataract Lower Falls

"This was shot last Saturday at Cataract Falls in Indiana. This is the Lower Falls"


Cataract Upper Falls

Just get to Terre Haute (I take highway 41 North to Terre Haute), then take 70 East towards Indy, and probably something like about 30-40 minutes or less, watch for the US 231 South exit at Cloverdale. Head South for about 10 miles and watch for a brown sign on the right hand side of the road that reads "Cataract Falls State Park...or State recreation area.....and turn right and go about 4 or 5 miles and before you get to the tiny town of Cataract (which has a neat old General Store to photograph), watch for a red covered bridge on your right, and turn into the park just maybe 100 feet past the bridge. The upper falls will be off to your right as you enter the gate, and the lower falls are down a road that veres to the left from the gate. But when you leave the park, you will get the best view of the upper falls by far, if you watch for the very first road to your left after heading back out of the park (and back toward US 231.....just take that road around until you see a sign that says "Restricted Area.....Falling Cliffs...NO camping"....right at that sign, you will find a rutted dirt road. I usually just park at the sign and hoof it back. It's not quite 100 yards....then you will see a really nice view of the upper falls, and if the water level is not too high, you can follow the cliff edge/overhang to your left, and actually walk about 3/4 of the way underneath the falls, and it is pretty awesome.   Attached is the covered brigde you'll be looking for when you appoach the park entrance. (this shot is actually looking from an angle that faces the main road just on the other side of the bridge, from where you'll see it on approach.)

The first two photos are of Upper Cataract Falls, the first being a side view of the falls and the second a view from behind the falls. The other is the Cataract Covered Bridge that you see as you approach the falls.     


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