Amnicon Falls
Now and Then Falls

Location: Amnicon Falls State Park, Douglas County, Wisconsin

Water Source: Amnicon River

Drop: 30 foot

Flow: Year

Directions: Take Rt. 2/53 east from Superiorto the intersection where Rt. 53 turns south. Stay on Rt. 2 and go about .75 miles east of the intersection to County U north. Take County U north about .5 miles to the entrance to Amnicon Falls State Park. You'll need to purchase a state park sticker from park headquarters. The short walk to the falls is from that parking area.

Notes: I went to Amnicon Falls in Wisconsin October 2, 2006. There are several waterfalls in the park. The Lower Falls, shown in the first photo, is just below the covered bridge that takes you to a small island, and the upper falls are above the bridge. If you take the trail around the island, there are other falls along the way.

Now and Then Falls is near the parking area close to the restrooms. Apparently it was "Then" when I was there, because there was no water in the falls, shown in the last photo. It appears to be a falls when there is rain.


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