Rock Falls

Location: Parker County, Texas

Water Source: Bear Creek

Drop: 20 Feet

Flow: Spring

Directions: From near Weatherford take Exit 408 from I-20/80 (Rt. 171) and take Rt. 171 south about .6 mile through the junction with Rt. 51 to Bearcreek Road. Turn left onto Bearcreek Rd. (Moncrief Ranch sign) and go 1.6 miles to the brown pipe fence on the left and park in the turnout on the right.

Notes: I went to Rock Falls in Texas June 22, 2005. I'm not sure I was in the right spot. Where I was the water flowed under the road and came out through two culverts on the left side of the road as I was approaching the area (shown in the third photo above). The water then flowed over the rocks to the brown fence and dropped into the ravine (shown in the first photo above. The second photo looks toward what would be downstream.) Unfortunately, there was no water flowing when I was at Rock Falls.

See a photo of the falls with water sent to me by James

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