Kickapoo Falls

Location: Hood County, Texas

Water Source: Kickapoo Creek

Drop: 10 Feet

Flow: Spring

Directions: Take Rt. 281 north from Stephensville to Morgan Mill. Take Rt. 1189 north from Morgan Mill toward Lipan. From the stop sign in Lipan continue 3.7 miles north on Rt. 1189 and turn left onto Falls Road (a gravel road) for about .5 mile to the place where the creek crossed the road from the left and park nearby.

Notes: I went to Kickapoo Falls in Texas June 22, 2005. Unfortunately, there was no water flowing when I was at Kickapoo Falls. There was water upstream (third photo above) with lots of frogs in it; however, the water wasn't high enough to cross the road and flow over the rocks (second photo looking upstream from the falls) and then drop into the pool below (first photo). The cactus in the final photo was at the junction of Rt. 1189 and Falls Road.

See a photo of the falls with water sent to me by James

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