Rutledge Falls

Location: Coffee County, Tennessee

Water Source: Crumpton Creek

Drop: 40 feet

Flow: Year

Directions: Directions given in Waterfalls USA are: "From Manchester at the junction of Routes 41 and 55, take 55 S. Go about 3.5 miles to the John Deere Co. building on left. Continue straight another 1.2 miles and turn left onto Rutledge Falls Road. Go 1.5 miles and turn right at Rutledge Falls Church (still on Rutledge Falls Road). Go 0.1 mile and part in the gravel pullout on the right."

Hlwever, when we tried to follow the directions, we couldn’t find Rutledge Waterfall Road at the right spot, so we stopped at a cemetery to ask two ladies there. They told us we needed to get over to the old highway, in the opposite direction from where we were looking. So we went over to the Old Manchester Highway, but still we couldn’t find Rutledge Waterfall Road, so we stopped at a house and asked two men who were out by their car. They told us to go down the road to the school, turn around and come back and take the left fork to the Rutledge Church. The waterfall was near the church. We went to the school sign and saw the left fork of the Y with a sign for the Rutledge Church, so we went up there and turned left at the church, continuing on Rutledge Waterfall Road. There was a gravel parking area on the right, so we parked there.

Apparently we really got mixed up, because we ended coming to Rutledge Church from the opposite side as the directions in the book.

There was a sign on the fence with the name of the waterfall and directions for visiting the falls, i.e. no littering, stay on the walk, use caution. The falls are on private property but open to the public.

An open gate through the fence led to the short, easy walk to the top of the falls. Another walk down the steep hill made up of stones almost like natural steps went down to the base of the falls. People were down there, and one man was climbing up the falls on the rocks. He apparently dove into the water.



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