Dripping Springs Falls

Location: Adair County, Oklahoma

Water Source: Dripping Springs Branch

Drop: 1000 Feet

Flow: Year

Directions: Take Route 412 west out of Siloam Springs, Arkansas. As you leave Siloam Springs, there is a large sign that says 6 miles to Natural Falls State Park. Follow the signs to the park - left in 6 miles on NS 468 for .2 miles, then left again for .1 mile to the park on the right. Take the first road left inside the park and park near the garden. A short walk through the garden leads to the boardwalk to the falls.

Notes: I went to Driping Springs Falls in Oklahoma June 4, 2003. There is a $3.00 entry fee to the park to pay for maintenance. You can get a map in the little park trailer at the entrance. There is a handicapped parking lot beyond the main parking lot, near the boardwalk to the falls. There is an accessible viewing spot over the falls, and a bridge to the left for another view. Beyond the lower viewing spot is a paved path that takes you down tot he foot of the falls (not accessible). Because of the leaves on the trees near the falls, the view from the foot of the falls was the best view when I was there.

The largest falls comes from the water flowing over the rocks in a small stream. The two smaller falls on eather side of the large falls flow from springs in the side of the rocks.


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