Roaring River Spring Falls

Location: Barry County, Missouri

Water Source: Roaring River Hollow

Drop: 90 Feet

Flow: Spring

Directions: Take Route 112 S from Cassville for about 7 miles to the Roaring River State Park. Once in the park, take the first road left (follow signs to the Fish Hatchery and Spring Lake - if you come to the park office, you've gone too far). Park in the farthest parking lot and take a short walk around the small lake at the end (beyone the fish hatchery ponds) to the far side of the little lake.

Notes: I went to Roaring River Spring Falls in Missouri June 3, 2003. There was not too much water flowing. I could not get the entire height in one photo, so the top two photos show the top portion in the first photo and the bottom portion in the second photo. You can follow the ridges in the sides of the canyon to see where the photos overlap. The third photo is a close up of the top of the falls, and the fourth photo is a close up of the bottom of the falls. You can see the water flowing in those two photos.


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