Hickory Canyon Falls

Location: St. Genevieve County, Missouri

Water Source: Hickory Creek

Drop: 40 Feet

Directions: Take exit 150 off I-55 and go to the west side of the Interstate. Take Rt. 32 W. for 8.6 miles and turn right onto Road C for 3.3 miles to Sprott Road, which is a gravel road. Turn left on Sprott Road and go 1.8 miles to a parking area on the left. The trail starts from the parking area and is well marked (1/4 miles to the falls.)

Notes: I went to Hickory Canyon Falls in Missouri June 6, 2002. There was very little water flowing - you can see the top of the waterfall in the third picture to see the water trickle over the edge. I saw three butterflies in formation on the parking area. Across the road from the trail to the waterfall was another trail - 1 mile through Hickory Canyon. I took that trail, and along it I saw daisies and two frogs, shown in the other photos.


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