Grand Falls

Location: Newton County, Missouri

Water Source: Shoal Creek

Drop: 15 Feet

Flow: Year

Directions: Take the Joplin exit (6) from Interstate 44 and go south on Route 86. Immediately after getting on Rt. 86 turn right on Glendale Street. Take Glendale for .8 miles to Jackson street, and turn left on Jackson. Cross over the one-lane Shoal Creek bridge. Immediately after crossing the bridge turn right on Riverside Road and continue for 1.1 miles to the falls on the right.

Notes: I went to Grand Falls in Missouri June 4, 2003. The falls are visible from the road. There are parking places on both sides of the road. The first photo shows the view approaching the falls from the road. I walked across the rocks closer to the creek and a little downstream to get the second photo.


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