Fall Creek Falls

Location: Perry County, Missouri

Water Source: Fall Branch

Drop: 20 Feet

Directions: Go east on Rt. M from the junction of 61N. and M at Brewer for 1.6 miles to the Y. Take the left fork and take Perry County Road 910, which is a gravel road, for 1.8 miles, drive across the creek to Fall Branch Drive (I couldn't see a name on the road, but the directions say that is what the road is.) and park in the small parking polace on the right. Walk to the right (downstream) along the road and continue on the trail (about 100 yards) to the falls and cavern.

Notes: I went to Fall Creek Falls June 6, 2002. I followed the trail to the falls, but couldn't get a clear view of it on the left side. When I first saw the falls, there were two turtles sunning themselves at the bottom of the falls, but one quickly went into the water. I took a photo of the other one. I then crossed the creek and viewed the falls from the other side.


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