Rawson Gully Falls

Location: Lauderdale County, Mississippi

Water Source: Rawson Creek

Drop: 40 Feet

Flow: Spring

Directions: From I-20 near Meridian take exit 160 (Russell exit) and go south on Russell Mountain-Gilead Road for about 2.5 miles to the Rawson Cemetery sign to the left. Continue past the road with the sign for another 100 yards to the dirt pullout on the left and park there.

Notes: I went to Rawson Falls in Mississippi June 20, 2005. The gully and falls are about 20 yards in the trail to the left of the parking area. BE CAREFUL - the ravine is steep! The area approaching the falls, unfortunately, has been used as a dumping area. There was also a pile of trash that had been dumped over the edge of the ravine. The falls to the left in the ravine were visible through the trees.


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