Reany Falls


Water Source
Reany Creek
3 miles northwest of Marquette, Marquette County, Michigan
Go north on Wright Street (first street west of Westwood Mall) from US 41/M 28 in Marquette and go for 3/4 mile to Forestville Road. Turn left on Forestville Road and go for 2 1/2 miles. You will cross a steel bridge and come to a second bridge. As you cross the second bridge (before the Power Plant parking lot) you will see Reany Falls to the right.
The falls are visible to the right from the road. However, you can walk upstream for about 200 feet to see the rest of the falls.
Other Information
I was at Reany Falls on 2 November 2001. There is no parking area at the falls, so go ahead about 200 yards to the side road at the Power Plant (see first photo below).
After viewing Reany Falls, go to Dead River Falls from the same area.


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