Unnamed Falls: Falls River, L'Anse


Water Source
Falls River
L'Anse, Baraga County, Michigan
12 foot drop over flat ledges
On US-41 through L'Anse, as you cross the Falls River on the west side of L'Anse, look south (upstream) and you will see the falls about 200 yards upstream.
The falls are visible to the right from the road. However, you can park off the road in the bridge area and walk up the east side of the river to the falls. You can also walk onto the railroad bridge for another view of the falls.
Other Information
I was at Unnamed Falls in L'Anse on 1 October 2006. I took some photos of the falls from the bridge on the highway showing the railroad bridge and the falls beyond and some more rapids downstream from the railroad bridge (last two photos). I zoomed in on the falls in the first photo above. Then I walked upstream on the left side of the river to the railroad bridge and took another photo from that bridge (second photo above).

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