Little Bayou Pierre Cascade

Location: Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana

Water Source: Little Bayou Pierre

Drop: 5 Feet

Flow: Year

Directions: Take I-49 north from Alexandria for about 15 miles to Rt. 8. Go west on Rt. 8 for 14.5 miles to Mora Road (Rt 118). Go right (west) on Mora Road past the Mora Post Office on the right (about 3.5 miles) and continue another 8.5 miles to a concrete bridge. The cascade is on the left side of the bridge.

Notes: I went to Little Bayou Pierre Cascade in Louisiana June 21, 2005. The first photo was taken from the bridge. I then walked down on the right side of the water and walked across the rocks over the water to the other side for the other photos, as the water was very low. There were four or five places where the water made a small drop.


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