Falling Springs Falls

Location: St. Clair County, Illinois

Water Source: Falling Springs

Drop: 50 Feet

Directions: Take the Dupo Exit (9) from I-255 traveling north from Columbia. At the stop sign, continue straight across S. Main St. onto Industrial Drive, a frontage road that goes by a large quarry below the bluff going north next to I-255. (If you are traveling south on I-255, at the stop sign for the Dupo Exit (9) turn left and go across the highway, and then turn left again onto Industrial Drive - I didn't see the name of the road, but it is the only one there.) Continue on Industrial Drive for 2.4 miles, when it curves right and becomes Falling Springs Drive. Continue on Falling Springs Drive another 0.4 mile to Falling Springs Park. You can see the falls from the parking area.

Notes: I visited Falling Springs Falls on April 12, 2002. The photo shows the water coming out of the rocky cliff about half-way up.

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