Cave Falls

Location: Shawnee National Forest, Johnson County, Illinois

Water Source: Regent Creek

Drop: 50 feet

Directions: From Goreville, go west about 2.5 miles toward I-57 and turn left (south) on Regent Lane. Take Regent Lane 1 mile to where Regent Creek flows across the road. The top of the falls is to the left of the road.

Notes: I visited Cave Falls on April 17, 2003. The third picture above shows the creek flowing over the road. The road goes up the hill toward the right; the top of the falls can be seen to the left of the tree. There is a trail toward the left along the top of the bluff for a view of the falls. The information I had indicated the trail to the left led to the base of the falls; however, I followed it for some distance and found no place where the trail led down to the creek below. I may not have gone far enough, as it was beginning to rain again and I decided not to continue. If you are coming from I-57, take exit 40 and go east toward Goreville for about .6 mile to Regent Lane.

Cave Falls is a seasonal waterfall. There was a heavy rain in the area the night before I was there, so the water was flowing well.


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