Hawaiian Waterfalls

Here are three photos sent to me from Tom. He wrote:

1) Hi'ilawe - in Waipi'o Valley, rare pic of double waterfall.  Left waterfall was shut off by sugar company but reopened in last couple of years, then earthquake shifted some things and it is back to a single fall.  On Big Island.
2) Akaka Fall - at Akaka Falls State Park on Big Island.
3) Waipi'o Valley fall that I don't know name of.  This is the exact spot where they make landfall at the end of the movie Waterworld.  Oddly, this year in April when I was there, the fall was totally dry.  Good thing, because there is a cache up the left side of the rocks, about 200 feet above the ocean below!

(You may click on the image to see a larger version.)

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