Chandramohan from India has written some Little Lulu stories, and he sent another one of them to me so I could add it to my website. He added the butterflies to a copy of the LL cover to introduce the story.


PLACE:        Class Room

TEACHER:      When you eat fruits. Whom would you thank?

LULU:             My mother who bought fruits with love.

TUBBY:           Fruit vendor who gave good fruits and for not giving rotten fruits,           (Laughter).

GLORIA:         The farmer who had worked hard.

TEACHER:    All your answers are correct.  But you must also know that   butterflies help in pollination.Thereby you get fruits so we should thank butterflies       also.

LULU:             Tell us about butterflies.

TEACHER:      Butterflies is one of the most beautiful of all insects.  People have always been charmed by the delicate, so gorgeously colored wings of butterflies.  The beauty and grace of these insects have inspired artists and poets.  They live almost everywhere in the world, tropical rain forests, fields, woodlands, cold mountaintops and even hot deserts.

LULU:             Very interesting. Give us, some more facts.

TEACHER:      What is meant by kaleidoscope?

LULU:             Kaleidoscope is a toy that consists of a tube containing mirrors and small pieces of colored glass.  Every kid has a kaleidoscope.

TUBBY:         I have two kaleidoscopes. Tomorrow I will bring one and present to you.

TEACHER:  Thanks Tubby. Often you forget that I too was a kid. I had a kaleidoscope at your age.Lulu’s answer for kaleidoscope was   correct.  But it has another meaning also.Kaleidoscope is a collective name for a group of butterflies.  There are 20000 different types of butterflies. The smallest butterfly has a wings spread of about 1 cm. while largest has about 28 cm.  Most adult butterflies live only for about a week or two.  Some species may live up to 18 months.  Do you have any more questions about butterflies?


TUBBY:           What is the relationship between butter and butterfly?  (Laughter)

TEACHER:      Do not ask silly questions like this.

PLACE:        School campus.

LULU:             When I see butterflies in garden, they are like fancy carpets flying.

ANNIE:           If butterflies have a magic wand, they will be fairies.

LULU:             Butterflies taste honey with their legs.

ANNIE:           Even Alvin will not touch food with his legs.

TUBBY:           Our teacher did not   answer my question of butter & butterfly.

LULU:             Every question has an answer for it.

TUBBY:           If so, I shall see.

LULU:             I remember I have six butterfly stamps already.

TUBBY:           So out of 20000 butterflies you have got six, yet you have to collect ….

LULU:             We have to collect 19994 pictures of them.  Why not we collect maximum number of butterfly pictures and surprise our teacher.

ANNIE:           I will also collect.  My uncle will help me.

LULU:             My mother will help me.

TUBBY:           I am not going to seek others help.  I myself shall come to Lulus’ house after collecting, Do not come to my house. My slogan for collection is fly! Fly! Fly like butterflies!

Next day at Lulu’s house:

ANNIE:           Look! What my uncle gave me.

LULU:             Oh! It is a book on butterflies. My mother gave me, these picture cards of butterfly.

ANNIE:           Very fine pictures.  What about Tubby?

LULU:             He did not want us to see him at his house.

ANNIE:           I am very anxious to see his collection.  Shall we go?

LULU:             OK let us go.

PLACE:         Outside Tubby’s house.

LULU:             It seems to be very calm.  I am sure he is not inside.

ANNIE:           We shall ask his mother where he has gone?

LULU:             Where has Tubby gone?  We want to see him.


TUBBY’S MOTHER: Gone! He is in the house.  Come on in.

           In Tubby’s room:

LULU:             Tubby!  why are you in bed, it seems you are at rest. What happened?

TUBBY:           Yes. I shall tell you what happened.  When I went to garden, butterflies were flying all over.  With two nets one in each hand I chased them to catch.  I fell down without seeing a pit.There are bruises all over my body.  My mother advised me to take rest.

LULU:             We want to collect butterfly pictures only.  But you tried to catch  and harm those lovely creatures.   So you got punished.

TUBBY:           I have learnt my lesson.

LULU:             We have brought stamps, picture cards and a book on butterfly.  You can look over them when you are at rest.

TUBBY:           Thank you. Lulu.

                      Mom!  If I feel hungry when I look over these items, what shall I eat?

MOTHER:       I have butter with bread for you.

LULU:             So, Tubby you got the answer for your question.

TUBBY:           What question, what answer.

LULU:             You asked what is the relationship between butter and butterfly to our teacher.  You are eating bread with butter while looking over butterflies pictures.  So now you have got the answer.

TUBBY:           You are making fun of me.  Wait till I catch you.

LULU:             Try to catch us. We are going to fly! Fly! Fly like butterfly. Bye.

Butterflies are friends to mankind.  Use a camera

to catch these delicate creatures and not a net.


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