The Spider Spins Again

Tubby frequently tried to solve Lulu's little mysteries, and in those cases he acted as the Spider, the detective, usually in disguise. I didn't pay much attention to Tubby's disguises as a child, but now I really enjoy them. On this page I will put some of Tubby's disguises as the Spider. You may click on the pictures for a larger version.

Northwest Mountie: From LL #30, December, 1950, "The Case of the Hairless Shaving Brush." Photo Copyright, 1950, by Marjorie H. Buell.




Bird-Parakeet: From LL #78, December, 1954, "The Spider and the Million Cats." Photo Copyright, 1954, by Marjorie H. Buell.




One of Santa Claus' Reindeer: From LL #90, December, 1955, "The Case of the Mad Mayor." Photo Copyright, 1955, by Marjorie H. Buell.




A TV Set Tuned to a Western Program: From LL #166 (Christmas Diary), January, 1963, reprinted in #250, January, 1979, "The Case of the Stolen Stocking." Photo Copyright, 1962, by Marjorie H. Buell.




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