1939 Knickerbocker Doll

The Knickerbocker company created Little Lulu dolls for Curtis Publishing in 1939, to be offered as premiums for magazine subscription sales. The doll wears a crisp cotton dress (in the pin-check variation on Lulu's red dress), collar, cuffs, undies (latter items in sheer organza; undies broadly edged with fine lace). She has a mohair wig. (Photos of the doll courtesy of another Lulu fan.) The ads for the doll could be found in magazines. (See text of ad below.)

The text of the ad reads: A "Little Lulu" of YOUR OWN! The same saucy nose, the apple cheeks, and the tantalizing expression that "Lulu" wears in the Post cartoons! Kiddies will be wild with delight over this 17-inch doll, with her soft body and flexible legs. A red gingham frock and gay striped socks add to her charm! Send only three five-year COUNTRY GENTLEMAN subscriptions, sold at the full price, $1 each, to persons living outside your own home, and "Lulu" will arrive, all charges prepaid.Or send two one-year POSTS, sold at $2 each. (Offer good in U.S. and Canada.) Pin subscribers' names and addresses with your own to "Lulu's" picture. Then mail with check or money order to CURTIS PUBLISHING COMPANY 932 Independence Square Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.



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