Georgine Novelties, Inc. Little Lulu Dolls


Georgine Novelties manufactured Little Lulu, Tubby, and Alvin dolls. They also made toy handbags. Below are some of the dolls along with a postcard of a little girl with the Lulu doll. At the bottom are some of the variations of the Lulu and Tubby dolls. You may click on the pictures to get a larger version.

Little Lulu



This postcard is #3175 by The American Postcard Co., Inc.


There were many variations of the Little Lulu and Tubby dolls. Some of them are shown below:

Little Lulu Cowboy Doll

Little Lulu Majorette Doll

Little Lulu and Tubby Hawaiian Dolls

Little Lulu Doll in Beige Dress

Little Lulu Doll with Her Purse


Lulu History

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