Little Lulu Dishes


Little Lulu Coffee Set 1974

This Coffee set is copyright 1974 Western Publishing Co. and was made in Hong Kong. It is Item No. 1779-8 Larami Corp. PA . The box is 9" by 7". The inside of the saucer is about the size of a quarter.



Little Lulu Duncan Ceramic Unglazed Tea Set

This is a 1975 Duncan “Little LuLu” tea set Western Publishing Company, Inc. All pieces are unglazed, unfired clay (greenware), ready for painting. This set was for sale to the home hobbyist to finish as they saw fit. The set includes the following: teapot/coffeepot & lid: (LuLu and Tubby) 5-1/2” tall with lid, 2-7/8” diameter; creamer & lid: (LuLu) 2-7/8” tall with lid, 2-1/8” diameter; sugar cup-two handles & lid: (LuLu) 2-1/8” tall, 2-1/8” diameter; cups: (LuLu) 2-1/8” tall, 2-1/8” diameter; plates: (LuLu, Tubby, Annie) 5-3/4” diameter; saucers: (Alvin) 3-7/8” diameter. Noe: the heart dish in the photo is not from the set.


Duncan Little Lulu Plate Ceramic Mold

This great Little Lulu Plate Ceramic Mold is in used but excellant condition. The details are very good. It has wear and a few chips to the outside of the mold from years of storage and is a bit dirty inside from laying open. It makes 1 Little Lulu Plate. It will measure approx. 1/2" high and is 5 1/2" wide when finished. It is marked 1975 Duncan Little Lulu Plate CM No 402A. This mold weighs 5 Lbs.


Little Lulu Dishes

These dishes appear to be made from the Duncan greenware above.


Little Lulu Tea Set

The teapot is about 5" with cover; the sugar and creamer are 2" tall. These ceramic dishes are painted white glaze with Little Lulu and Tubby outlined in black. These dishes appear to be made from the Duncan greenware above.


Little Lulu Dishes 1975

This set of six children's dishes feature Little Lulu on the cups; Alvin on the saucers; and Little Lulu, Tubby, and Annie on the plates. There are two 5 1/2" plates, two 3 3/4" plates/saucers, and two 2" cups. On the back of the two larger plates, it says "1975 Western Publishing Co.", inscribed on the bottom rim. These dishes also appear to be made from the Duncan greenware above.


Little Lulu Dishes

These dishes appear to be hand-painted and have the same pattern as the dishes above. The date on the bottom is 1977.



Little Lulu Chilton Dishes

This plastic set includes 4 plates, 4 mugs, a pitcher and lid, a jug, and 4 pans with 2 lids. This set is stamped Chilton, and the plates say "aluminum speciality, Manitowoc, Wis. U.S.A. 54220." The plates measure 4-1/2" for the larger ones and 3-1/4" for the smaller ones. The pitcher with lid is 4-1/2" tall x 3" wide.


Little Lulu Dishes

These Little Lulu dishes came in a set of six, with plates, saucers, tea cups, creamer, tea pot, knives, forks, and spoons.


Little Lulu Plate

This Little Lulu plate is similar to those above but with a white rim instead of red. The back of the plate is marked Chilton- Manitowoc, WI.


Little Lulu Saucepans

These Little Lulu saucepans are about 2" by 7."


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