Story from La Pequeña Lulú Little Lulu Spanish Comics I

Little Lulu comics were published in Mexico in Spanish beyond the time they were published in English in the USA. Below is the cover and the first story of La Pequeña Lulú, published in Mexico by Vid Editorial, Año II No. 51 March 8, 1988 © 1986 by Western Publishing Company, Inc. This comic is very small compared to the English comics: 5" x 6 1/2".

This Spanish story "Little Lulu in The Girl and the Blue Planet" was translated for me by César from Peru ( He stated, "This particular comic was made by "Editorial VID" the publishers that grab the torch of comics right after "Editorial Novaro" sadly broke. The comic strips are very big and I have seen the same artist drawing style in some Novaro's comic books from the early 80's (and they weren't that large). I think they enlarge them in order to make a short story look bigger and end the comic book faster."

Below are the Spanish pages and the translated pages created by César. (You may click on the pictures for a larger version).



Little Lulu Spanish Comics I

Little Lulu Spanish Comics II

Little Lulu Spanish Comics III

Story from Little Lulu Comics II


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