Dark Horse Reprints of Little Lulu Comics

In 2004 Dark Horse Comics began to publish reprints of the Little Lulu comics. These books are 9"x6" and are printed in black and white except for the cover. They will contain all of the Little Lulu stories, excluding things like Lulu's Diry and I believe non-Lulu stories like Alvin and the Little Scarecrow Boy. They are available for sale at both Amazon (http://www.amazon.com) and Things From Another World (www.tfaw.com). Just search for: little lulu. They are $9.95 and currently available from both places.


#1: Little Lulu Goes Shopping

This issue contains Little Lulu comics #6 through #12.



#2: Lulu Takes A Trip

This issue contains Little Lulu comics #13 through #17.


#3: My Dinner with Lulu

This issue contains the first five Little Lulu comics: FC 74, FC 97, FC 110, FC 115, and FC 120.


#4: Sunday Afternoon

This issue contains the next four Little Lulu comics: FC 131, FC 139, FC 146, and FC 158.


#5: Lulu in the Doghouse

This issue contains the last of the Little Lulu four-color comics: FC 165, and the first five of the regular issue comics #1 through #5.


#6: Letters to Santa

This issue contains Little Lulu comics #18 through #22.


#7: Lulu's Unbrella Service

This issue contains Little Lulu comics #23 through #27.



Late for School - due out in 2/2006

Lucky Lulu - due out in 4/2006





2004 The first issue, "Lulu Goes Shopping," contains the Little Lulu comics #6 through #12 and came out in November.


The following upcoming issues are available for pre-order for $8.96 at Things From Another World and for $8.96 from Amazon.

Issue 2, Little Lulu Takes a Trip, is due out in March. 5/2005


Issue 3, "My Dinner with Lulu," is due out in April. 4/2005


Issue 4, "Sunday Afternoon," is due out in June. 6/2005


In the Doghouse 8/2005


Letters to Santa 10/2005

Lulu's Umbrella Service 12/2005

Late for School 2006


Lucky Lulu 4/2006



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