Little Lulu Comics in Arabic

Little Lulu books were published in Arabic language. I assume the comics are Western Publishing Company, Inc. - the only thing I can read in the comic is 1977 in the first of the two comics below. You may click on the images of the covers for a larger version. To read a story from one of the comics, see the bottom of this page.


The back of this comic has a Little Lulu paper doll.Inside are instructions for making the doll stand up.


Here are images of the Lulu and a Tubby paper doll and some some sheets of clothes for Lulu that were sent to me. May sent them to me along with this message: "Those dresses are printed on one folded 8 pages giant poster which was stapled inside a lulu comic. Sometimes they printed just one outfit for lulu or tubby or on the back cover of the comic.... I think I also have a cardboard doll for annie." The clothes are the same as Lulu's clothes in the paper doll book of Lulu and Annie - see and scroll down to the blue book with Lulu and Annie.




To see the inside cover and to read a story from this issue, click on the links below:

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