Lighthouses on Lake Superior

I took a trip around Lake Superior August 31-September 5, 1998, beginning at Munising, Michigan and following M-28 east to I-75, north to Canada, 17 from Sault Ste. Marie to Thunder Bay, and then south on 61, and trips to Upper Michigan during 1998 and 99. Here are some lighthouses I saw on those trips. You may click on the thumbnail photos to see a larger version of them.

Eagle River, Michigan

Marquette, Michigan

Munising, Michigan

Point Iroquois, Michigan

Sand Hills Lighthouse, Michigan

Whitefish Point, Michigan

Hibbard Bay, Ontario

Thunder Bay, Ontario

Grand Marias, Minnesota

Split Rock Light, South of Beaver Bay, Minnesota

Agate Bay Light, Two Harbors, Minnesota

Eagle River Lighthouse, Michigan

The Eagle River Lighthouse located in Eagle River is now a private residence.


Marquette Lighthouse, Michigan

This is the Marquette Lighthouse located behind the Maritime Museum along Lake Shore Drive.


Munising Lighthouse, Michigan

This is the Munising Lighthouse located in downtown Munising along M-28.


This is the rear range light located in Munising two blocks in from the Munising Lighthouse. It was used to line up with the lighthouse.


Point Iroquois Lighthouse, Michigan

Point Iroquois Lighthouse is located on Pt. Iroquois about 7.5 miles north of Brimley (see sign).


Sand Hills Lighthouse, Michigan

Sand Hills Lighthouse, also known as 5 Mile Point Lighthouse, is located about 4 miles southwest of Eagle River.


Whitefish Point Lighthouse, Michigan

Whitefish Point Lighthouse is located north of Paradise on Whitefish Point.

This sign indicates Whitefish Point Lighthouse was built in 1849. Somewhere it said it was the first lighthouse on Lake Superior.


Hibbard Bay Light, Ontario

This light was visible from Highway 17 between the Pancake River and Alona Bay.


Thunder Bay Lighthouse, Ontario

This lighthouse is out in Thunder Bay, just off the city of Thunder Bay at the marina. You can see a couple of sailboats out in the bay.


Grand Marias Light, Minnesota

The Grand Marias Light is in Grand Marias at the end of a breakwater. It is visible from the park along the lake.


Split Rock Lighthouse, South of Beaver Bay, Minnesota

This lighthouse is located in the Split Rock Lighthouse State Park on M-61 between Beaver Bay and Castle Danger.


Agate Bay Light, Two Harbors, Minnesota

The Agate Bay Lighthouse is located in Two Harbors. It is easy to find by following the signs to a little park on the north side of town.

Two Harbors East Breakwater

Two Harbors East Breakwater is located in the same park as the Agate Bay Lighthouse above.



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