Christmas Frogs

I have bought or received some Christmas Frogs. Here they are for your enjoyment! You may click on the picture for a larger version. (This page is still under construction).

Frog Christmas Greeting Cards

Caspari 95-70106. Original by Stephanie Stouffer. Printed in Denmark. H. George Caspari, Inc.







Caspari 195-67372. Original by Stephanie Stouffer.Printed in Switzerland. H. George Caspari, Inc.







EthnoGraphics. "Frog Angels" is a reproduction from an original watercolour painting by Martie Hopper Reynolds, 1998. Printed in USA.






First Impressions. mistletoad... 1997 Will Bullas. Watercolour courtesy of New Masters Gallery. Pritned in USA.






Stuffed Christmas Frogs


Other Christmas Frogs


See Frogs in Myth and Religion LXXI (Illustrations by R.W. Aristoquakes )- for pictures of Christmas Frogs sent to me.


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