Still More Frogs From Friends XXXV

I received some frog pictures from Barbara in Paris, France. She described each picture. You may click on the picture for a larger version.

It is about a French postcard of a contortionist I found in Paris, the title of which is "Polias, homme grenouille" (Polias, frog man).






Picasso, La Grenouille (frog)






Benjamin Rabier (1864-1939), Le toboggan (circa 1925) : Benjamin Rabier is a very known French drawer and humorist. He was specialized in the creation of animals characters and has illustrated « les Fables de La Fontaine ». The Gédéon duck is one of his famous character and in all of its adventures, Gédéon appears with frogs.




Attached you will find a postcard, bought in Paris, illustrated by Erlé Ferronnière, the title of which is "les lutins" (imps). This drawing is from the book: "Halloween - Sorcières, Lutins, Fantômes et autres Croquemitaines" (Halloween - Witches, Imps, Ghosts and others ogres) Published by "Avis de Tempête..." (Storm notice).  






I bought both chromos in a specialized “paper exhibition” which takes place twice a year in Paris (very known). The lady who sold them was a German people with a huge collection of chromos.






4 old “bons points” (frogs and toads): I do not know if it is typically French and if it might exist in the US. These points are given at the Primary School, when a child is making a good job. The child has to gather 10 of these “small” points and will receive in return a big picture. This “procedure” is still put into practice.

On the back of the big toad bon point, it is written: “Paris, A. Jeandé, Libraire-Editeur, N° 14” Paris, A. Jeandé, publisher and bookseller). This is the number 14 in a series of animals.





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