Frogs in Fable and Fairy-Tale V
( Illustrations by R.W. Aristoquakes )

I have received some pictures of Frogs in Fable and Fairy-Tale created by Roland. I have permission to put them on my frog web site. These images are Copyright (C) 2000: All rights reserved by R.W.Aristoquakes. You may click on the thumbnails to view a larger version of these pictures.

"Theme with Variations"
"The illustrations belong to a song which was a 'hit' in Germany after World War II, when the people were very hungry and very short of food. ( I was a child in these horrible days. Don't worry, I never ate frogs,storks and dogs, but I remember myself very empty pots and very little pieces of sausage). It was a very funny song and I did hear it very often on the radio in these times. So take a look and have a smile, like I had a smile when I made the drawings."

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