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Click on this picture to see a bigger picture of me. In this picture I am in 7th grade (1998-99) and play the trumpet in the band for Washington Jr. High School. Here are my pictures from when I was younger: 1997, 1996.

Note from Ryan's grandma: This section of Ryan's webpage was updated by his grandma in August, 2009. Ryan has grown up and has outgrown his webpage. He continued his interest in music and played the tuba in the high school marching band, played the tuba in the Colts drum and bugle corp, and is currently playing the tuba in the U.S. Army band. I added these updated photos above the rest of Ryan's original website, which is below.


Left: Ryan as a sophomore in 2001 in his high school marching band.

Right: Ryan as a senior in 2003 in the high school marching band's performance of "The Wizard of Oz" - Ryan is on the 50-yard line with the Cowardly Lion.

(Ryan spent his junior year in Japan with the Rotary Youth Exchange program. And yes, he did play the tuba there.)


Above left : Ryan in the summer of 2006 after a performance with the Colts Drum and Bugle Corps. He took some courses at the local community college and played in the band there and in some local community bands.

Above right: Ryan is missing from the 2006 family Christmas photo, because he joined the Army Band in the fall, so his mom is holding a figure of a soldier.



Above left: Ryan made it home on leave after basic training in the spring of 2007.

Above right: Ryan performing with the Army Band for Christmas 2007 in Iraq, where he was deployed for 14 months. He is in the center.



Above left: Ryan playing his tuba with the Army Band.

Above right: Ryan made it home for Christmas in 2008 while on leave.



Above left: Ryan played in a concert in the park with the community band he used to play with while he was on leave summer 2009.

Above right: Ryan summer 2009.

Hi my name is Ryan. I'm going to tell you three poems.


Clarence Lee from Tennessee
Loved the commercials he saw on T.V.
He watched with wide believing eyes
And bought everything they advertised-
Cream to make his skin feel better,
Spray to make his hair look wetter,
Bleach to make his white things whiter,
Stylish jeans that fit much tighter.
Tooth paste for his cavities,
Powder for his doggies fleas,
Purple mouthwash for his breath,
deodorant to stop his sweet.
He bought each cereal they presented,
bought each game that they invented.
Then one day he looked and saw
"A brand-new Maw, a better Paw!
New,improved in every way-
Hurry,orders yours today!"
So, of course, our little Clarence
Sent off for two brand-new parents.
The new ones came in the morning mail,
The old ones he sold at a garage sale.
And now they all are doing fine:
His new folks treat him sweet and kind,
His old ones work in an old coal mine.
So if your Maw and Pa are mean
And make you eat your lima beans
And make you wash and make you wait
And never let you stay up late
And scream and scold and preach and pout,
That simply means they're wearing out.
So send off for two brand-new parents
And you'll be as happy as little Clarence...

From A Light in the Attic
by Shel Silverstein


Boa Constrictor

Oh I'm being eaten
By a boa constrictor,
A boa constrictor,
I'm being eaten by a boa constrictor,
And I don't like it - one bit.
Well, what do you know?
It's nibbling my toe.
Oh, gee,
It's up to my knee.
Oh my,
It's up to my thigh.
Oh fiddle,
It's up to my middle.
Oh heck,
It's up to my neck.
Oh, dread
It's upmmmmmmmmmmffffffffff

From Where the Sidewalk Ends
by Shel Silverstein


Inside everybody's nose
There lives a sharp-toothed snail.
So if you stick your finger in,
He may bite off your nail.
Stick it farther up inside,
And he may bite your ring off.
Stick it all the way, and he
May bite the whole darn thing off.

From Where the Sidewalk Ends
by Shel Silverstein

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Here is a picture of my family from Christmas 1999. Oddis is the dog on the far right. Duke is the dog in the middle and Sunny is the dog on the far left. alprazolam

This is a picture of my family in 1996. Click on this picture to see a bigger picture of us.

This is a picture of my family a few years ago. Click on this picture to see a bigger picture of us.

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I received e-mail from all 50 states, 1 territory, and 59 countries! I received my 700th e-mail from the U.S.A. - it came from Oregon!!!!

Note from Ryan's Grandma: Ryan is no longer updating his lists of states and countries. Thanks to all of you who sent him e-mails. If you want to send him a message, I'll see that he gets it.

You can email me in care of my Grandma at dmmaki@MichelesWorld.net . (Please put my name, Ryan, in the message so my grandma knows it's for me!)

I've received e-mail from these countries -- states are in a separate list below. (See my WORLD MAP and my MAP OF EUROPE showing the number of messages from each country):

Country Number Rank
Argentina 2 9th
Australia 29 2nd
Austria 1 10th
Belgium 4 7th
Botswana 1 10th
Brazil 6 5th
Canada 42 1st
Chile 2 9th
China 3 8th
Columbia 1 10th
Croatia 1 10th
Cuba 1 10th
Cyprus 2 9th
Czech Republic 3 8th
Denmark 3 8th
El Salvador 1 10th
England 29 2nd
Finland 5 6th
France 4 7th
Germany 4 7th
Hong Kong 2 9th
Hungary 2 9th
Iceland 1 10th
India 1 10th
Indonesia 1 10th
Ireland 3 8th
Israel 3 8th
Italy 4 7th
Japan 3 8th
Kenya 1 10th
Liechtenstein 1 10th
Luxembourg 1 10th
Malaysia 4 7th
Mexico 3 8th
Netherlands 15 3rd
New Zealand 3 8th
Northern Ireland 2 9th
Norway 3 8th
Panama 1 10th
Philippines 4 7th
Portugal 3 8th
Romania 3 8th
Russia 1 10th
Scotland 1 10th
Singapore 2 9th
Saudi Arabia 2 9th
Scotland 1 10th
Slovenia 1 10th
South Africa 3 8th
South Korea 1 10th
Spain 1 10th
Sweden 13 4th
Switzerland 1 10th
Taiwan 2 9th
Thailand 1 10th
Turkey 1 10th
Ukraine 1 10th
United Arab Emirates 1 10th
Wales 2 9th

I received messages from the following USA states (See my USA MAP showing the number of messages from each state):

State/Territory/Other Number Rank
Alabama 14 14th
Alaska 8 19th
Arizona 10 17th
Arkansas 10 17th
Blood Nation 1 26th
California 70 1st
Colorado 18 10th
Connecticut 6 21st
Delaware 4 23rd
Florida 26 5th
Georgia 14 14th
Hawaii 5 22nd
Idaho 5 22nd
Illinois 25 6th
Indiana 15 13th
Iowa 12 15th
Kansas 8 19th
Kentucky 16 12th
Louisiana 9 18th
Maine 6 21st
Maryland 15 13th
Massachusetts 14 14th
Michigan 54 2nd
Minnesota 11 16th
Mississippi 6 21st
Missouri 14 14th
Montana 3 24th
Nebraska 7 20th
Nevada 6 21st
New Hampshire 9 18th
New Jersey 19 9th
New Mexico 3 24th
New York 22 7th
North Carolina 15 13th
North Dakota 3 24th
Ohio 21 8th
Oklahoma 12 15th
Oregon 16 12th
Pennsylvania 29 4th
Puerto Rico 1 26th
Rhode Island 5 22nd
South Carolina 14 14th
South Dakota 4 23rd
Tennessee 16 12th
Texas 50 3rd
Utah 10 17th
Vermont 2 25th
Virginia 11 16th
Washington 17 11th
Washington D.C. 3 24th
West Virginia 9 18th
Wisconsin 19 9th
Wyoming 2 25th

Thank you for leaving me a message, so I can add your state or country to my maps and list!

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I took a trip to Upper Michigan with my grandma in 1996. Here is the journal I kept and some pictures from the trip. Click on the pictures to see a larger picture.

Day 1
Bond Falls: Maw and I saw a snake and a lot of waterfalls. The water there was cold. There were a lot of rocks there. I found three rocks and brought them home with me. I also found a little frog. I had fun there and hope I come again.

I swam in Lake Superior with the raft. I built a sand castle. Maw and I went to Deer Lake. The water was warm and I got out a blue boat that Great Grandpa made. Maw and I slept in the rain with the tent. Maw made a camp fire and we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. Saw the moon on the water. tramadol

Day 2
I played on the beach a lot and the water got really high. We went to Deer Lake and Man-Made Lake and we saw 9 road toads and 1 turtle. We ate at Deer Lake and swam there with the raft. We saw 15 big fish and took a walk. We ate at Brownstone and I made a brown stone. We slept in the tent.
Day 3
We went to my Great Grandma's and ate at a park. The car alarm went off. We walked on the breakwall and saw trains on the ore dock. The water there was really high. We went to Pebble Beach and skipped rocks and saved them. We went to Deer Lake. We saw a frog at Deer Lake and Maw said "It's dead" and she stepped on it and it moved. We made another fire and skipped some more rocks.
Day 4
Today is our last day in camp. Today Maw, Da and I ate ham and eggs on the picnic table. After that we went to Canada! In Canada we went to a airplane museum. After that we went to a touring boat. Then we ate and left. We're driving back now. Maw got some ice cream. It was Mackinac Fudge.

This is the Michigan sign

This is at Bond Falls

This is at Shelter Bay

This is by the tent that we slept in

This was my trip to Michigan.

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I took a trip to Upper Michigan with my grandma. Here is the log I kept of the trip.

8/5/96 0000 NORMAL 11:44
8/5/96 61.3 LASALLE 12:54
8/5/96 130.9 iROCKFORDw 1:51
8/5/96 154.5 BELOIT 2:14
8/5/96 198.8 MADISON 2:54
8/5/96 237.5 PORTAGE 3:29
8/5/96 304.3 STEVENS POINT 4:25
8/5/96 340.0 WAUSAU 5:03
8/5/96 364.6 MERRILL 6:20
8/5/96 383.0 TOMAHAWK 6:37
8/5/96 407.4 RHINELANDER 7:00
8/5/96 432.5 EAGLE RIVER 7:31
8/6/96 434.4 EAGLE RIVER 8:53
8/6/96 452.7 LAND(O)LAKES 9:13
8/6/96 460.2 WENT BACK 9:24
8/6/96 480.7 PAULDING 10:00
8/6/96 482.7 BOND FALLS 10:33
8/6/96 507.7 SIDNAW 11:03
8/6/96 540.3 MICHIGAMME 11:33
8/6/96 562.9 ISHPEMING 12:00
8/6/96 575.8 MARQUETTE 12:38
8/6/96 604.4 SHELTER BAY 1:24
8/8/96 614.1 SHELTER BAY 9:03
8/8/96 670.9 PRESQUE ISLE 12:37
8/9/96 700.9 SHELTER BAY 7:11
8/9/96 719.6 MUNISING 7:31
8/9/96 770.1 MACMILLAN 8:20
8/9/96 821.1 RACO 9:00
8/9/96 848.2 CANADA 9:37

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You can email me in care of my Grandma at dmmaki@MichelesWorld.net .

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